Name   Ben Grove


Sponsors  Zukie , Supra , Bondi Beer ,Relentless , Note Skate Shop , Independent trucks , Spitfire Wheels ,Swatch ,Shake Junt ,Smuggling Duds , Krew Jeans .


Born / Raised / Live Now  Wordsley / Manchester /Manchester


Started Skating  Age 14


Stance  Goofy


Years on Zukie  Day 1


Favourite Trick   Kick Filp


When you are not skating  Gigs


Inspiration Vaughan Baker


Worst Food  Anything without Vinager


Set up Zukie G-print 8.25 ,Shake Junt grip tape, Indy trucks , Spitfire Wheels


Best Zukie T G-print


Worst person to be stuck in a lift with  Myself


Warm up trick don’t have one just get stuck in!


Top three films? Cadyshack , Mike Bassett football Manager and Police Academy 4.


Known for saying The wrong thing at the worst time! Can’t go back !



 "I got out to skate, get battered.... fix my body up... then get battered again"